Products : Portable Pneumatic Tube Cleaners

Portable Pneumatic Tube Cleaning Accessories

Hollow Drive Shaft

4ft. (1.2m) long aircraft quality steel shafts to connect to drive.
 - Model DS-300 to DS-500
 - Model DS-562 to DS-750

Hollow Driven Shaft

4ft. (1.2m) long aircraft quality steel shafts to connect to driven shafts. Order quantities based on length of tube to be cleaned.
 - Model DN-300 to DN-500
 - Model DN-562 to DN-750

Drive Coupling

To Couple hollow drive shaft to drive.
 - Model DC-300 to DC-500
 - Model DC-562 to DC-750

Shaft Coupling

To Couple 2 hollow shafts together.
 - Model SC-300 to SC-500
 - Model SC-562 to SC-750

Starter Drill

To make pilot holes in deposits of completely clogged tubes.
 - Model SD-312 to SD-500
 - Model SD-562 to SD-750
Tube I.D.'s suited for Model No. Hollow Drive
Shaft Model No.
Hollow Driven
Shaft Model No.
Model No.
Model No.
Model No.
inch mm
3/16-1/4 4.8-6.4 C-10 DS-300 DN-300 DC-300 SC-300


3/8 9.5 DS-312 DN-312 DC-312 SC-312 SD-312
7/16 11.1 DS-375 DN-375 DC-375 SC-375 SD-375
1/2-9/16 12.7-14.3 DS-437 DN-437 DC-437 SC-437 SD-437
5/8-11/16 15.9-17.5 DS-500 DN-500 DC-500 SC-500 SD-500
3/4-13/16 19.1-20.6 DS-562 DN-562 DC-562 SC-562 SD-562
7/8-1 22.2-25.4 CP-315 DS-625 DN-625 DC-625 SC-625 SD-625
1.1/16-2 27.0-51.0 DS-750 DN-750 DC-750 SC-750 SD-750

Cleaning tools for use with Portable Pneumatic Tube Cleaners

Nylon Brushes - ................. "-1" , 1" and Up
Brass Brushes - ................. "-1" , 1" and Up
Stainless Brushes - ............ "-1" , 1" and Up
Buffing Tools - ................... "-1" , 1" and Up
Carbide Drills - .................. "-1" , 1" and Up

Portable Pneumatic Tube Cleaning Kits

Build your own kit by adding price of Drive (C-10 or CP-315), Hollow Drive Shafts, Hollow Driven Shafts, Shaft Couplings, Drive Coupling based on length of tube to be cleaned and cleaning tools (Brushes, Carbide Drills, Buffing Tools).

We will supply all the above in a handy metal box at no extra charge ! The box will accommodate a maximum of 1 Drive + 4 Hollow Shafts + 5 Couplings + 18 Cleaning Tools (Brushes, Carbide Drills, Buffing Tools).



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